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Roma Singularis

All roads lead to Rome - Alle wegen leiden naar Rome - Όλοι οι δρόμοι οδηγούν στη Ρώμη
FedericaFederica Farella

Roma Singularis is the blog my wife Federica, journalist, tour leader and teacher of Italian for foreigners, started writing during the lockdown. The posts not only tell about the lesser known aspects of the city but also about the Romans who live and work here. You will find my portrait in the post "Vincenzo' business" and the portraits of other virtuous artisans that still exist.

“Roma Singularis wants to be a guide for the traveler who is looking for a different and authentic perspective. The experience of travel is based on the discovery of the place but can be greatly enriched by meeting locals. Moreover, I think it is important to have references. When you're travelling, you don't have time to waste searching the best places. You have to know where to go and what to see. That's what this blog is for”. Federica